Growing Climate Solutions Act

Have you heard about the Growing Climate Solutions Act?

It will be the first bipartisan bill that will “…break down barriers for farmers and foresters interested in participating in carbon markets so that they can be rewarded for climate-smart practices.” The bill will help mitigate the effects of climate change while supporting the nation’s agriculture industry!

Audubon summarizes the potential impact of the bill very clearly…

“It’s a truly bipartisan approach that recognizes the vital role our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and private forest landowners play in the fight against climate change. It also provides new sources of revenue for local economies in rural areas.”

While Audubon’s article about the bill highlights the impact it has on birds (for example, they state that “if global temperatures continue rising at their current rate, two-thirds of North American bird species will be vulnerable to extinction by mid-century”), we’d like to point out how it can impact people, too.

Landowners & farmers…

Your property could help the world meet it’s net-zero carbon goals by mid-century. Considering that plants naturally sequester carbon, there is great potential in your land to be a carbon sink. While this is certainly a beneficial impact, it might not be enough of an incentive. This bill would create a carbon credit market that will allow the ag and land-owning community to directly gain financial benefit from sustainable practices that sequester carbon. Many farmers and landowners are already seeing the negative impacts that climate change is having on their livelihoods. YOU are part of the solution to climate change!

Photos: Lois Cole Photography