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Earth Day 2021: Land Week! (An Earth Month Feature)

It’s crazy to think that today marks our 51st Earth Day! Well, what’s crazy about that is that before 1970, there was no Earth Day and no Environmental Protection Agency. People and businesses had 0 regulations – they could destroy land without any repercussions. To clarify, those particular people were not paying the repercussions, but their descendants are paying for that damage today.

Luckily, we are beginning to understand […]

Water Week! (An Earth Month feature)

Land easements. You picture healthier soil, plants, and maybe animals. But what about water?

Easements work wonders for keeping our waters clean! They act as natural filters for the pollutants that are so harmful to the waterways. In the Chesapeake Bay, there is a 1.0 cubic mile Dead Zone, where oxygen is so limited that few species can survive. This environmental detriment is a result of excess nutrients, […]

Wildlife, an Earth Month Feature

Happy Earth Month!

We are so excited to celebrate!!! I’m sure you could already tell from our recent posts. This week, we’re focusing our celebrations on wildlife– one of our very favorite reasons we work to conserve land. 

As you may have seen it in our last post, Virginia is home to over “10,000 […]

World Wildlife Day

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker 📸: The Nature Conservancy

March brought lots to celebrate, and not just the start of spring! March 3rd was World Wildlife Day! 

On March 3rd, 1973, The United Nations General Assembly signed CITES, or the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Did you know that over 68 species are considered “

Gearing up for Earth Day!

📸: Lois Cole Photography

Maybe Earth Day isn’t until next month, but we’re too excited to wait to share!

Of course we would love to be able to all be together and celebrate like we have in the past (we miss in-person Earth Day Staunton!), but there are some equally wonderful events to celebrate this year!

We’ve Moved!

That’s right! We’ve moved! But not far. We found a space that will better fit our needs, especially with so much of our team working remotely (including traveling to our easement sites) more often. We’re settling in on 4 East Washington St.

Feel free to pop in and visit us when conditions are safe. In the mean time, our mailing address is…

PO Box 152
4 East [...]