Baseline Documentation Report

The “baseline documentation report” (BDR) is required for future stewardship of conservation easement donations and includes maps, reports, photographs, and other materials to establish the condition of the property at the time the easement is donated.

While in the past this material has often been prepared by the holder’s staff without charge, many holders are charging fees to prepare and/or review the baseline documentation report. Conservation Partners now offers baseline documentation report preparation services to its customers free of any additional charge, though the holder generally will assess a fee for its review of the report. Conservation Partners works with the holder to help ensure the baseline documentation report is completed and signed by the necessary parties prior to recording the easement.

If a donor is charged a BDR fee or BDR review fee, Conservation Partners’ popular Advance Funding Program can be used to cover the expense.

For additional information on our BDR service, and a complete list of services provided by Conservation Partners, please contact us at (540) 464-1899 or