Conservation Chronicles

Easement Protects Century Farm and Chesapeake Bay

Talk about reaching far.

Ronnie and Cheryl Nuckols recently placed a conservation easement on their 175-acre Overhome Farm in Virginia’s Goochland County. The easement protects land that their vision and hard work has transformed into a kind of paradise, with clear streams, green pastures nearly year-round, a cow-calf operation and a menagerie of pets all thriving on the land, gorgeous gardens, and a beautifully restored home that’s been in the family for generations.

Farmer, Attorney Debunks Myths About Conservation Easements

Time was, you could earn a good income in southeast Virginia on your own land, in forestry or growing peanuts.This is no longer true, said Michael Drewry, an attorney specializing in land use and local government law who farms nearly 250 acres in Sussex and Surry counties. He also serves on the Surry County Board of Supervisors. Drewry recently placed a conservation easement on his farm and assisted his parents, Howard “Cutter” and Joan Drewry, […]

Family Farms Saved in Virginia Peanut Country

Conservation Easements Protect 1,000 Acres from Financial and Development Threats

When Brenda and Moyler Pond protected more than 1,000 acres on their family farms through conservation easements, they had two very good reasons for doing so.  Two proposed industrial and transportation development projects – both now set aside – had made them feel their farms were under threat, and the benefits of placing the easements offered a financial planning alternative to possibly selling land.

Augusta County Family Protects Nearly 300 Acres

Don and Sue Hanger have lived full lives in Augusta County, Virginia.  Through the years, they have raised a family — two sons and a daughter — and worked land farmed by their families for generations.  For 40 years, Sue worked in the county treasurer’s office. For more than 30, Don was a teacher at Valley Vo-Tech, now Valley Career and Technical Center, part of the Augusta County school system. Don even served 12 years […]