Margaret Emore, Business Operations Manager

Margaret works with conservation easement donors who are ready to sell their Virginia land preservation tax credits and manages the tax credit transfers. She also works with those who wish to help preserve the open land in Virginia by purchasing tax credits. Margaret brings years of experience in office management, finance and customer relations to her work with staff, landowners, and other professionals.

Margaret Emore and her dog Trixie
Margaret and her dog Trixie.

1: Where were you born?

A: I was born in North Carolina and then moved to VA, KY, WV, and now reside in Southern Rockbridge, VA.

2: What is your favorite color?

A:  I prefer neutrals, but I really like all of them!

3: Do you have any pets/animals?

A: Oh yes! We have two dogs, two cats, one parakeet, and guppies that have multiplied by the hundreds! I also have three kids, haha.

4: What interests/hobbies do you have outside of work?

A: Being a mom and watching my kids play sports. We are a huge softball family and most of our weekends are spent on the road for tournaments! I also enjoy reading and gardening.

5: What is a fun fact about you that most people don’t know?

A: I used to play the violin/fiddle!

6: When did you start at Conservation Partners?

A: I was brought on as a seasonal worker in 2005 and came on board as a member of the regular staff in 2012. I’ve worked many roles at Conservation Partners which has taught me a lot!

7: What has been your favorite part about working at Conservation Partners?

A: Working with landowners! I love hearing their individual stories and building genuine relationships with them. It has been very rewarding!

8: What has been the biggest challenge you have encountered at this job?

A: The biggest challenge has been trying to educate people on the actuality of the easement donation process and overturning the negative factors that landowners have heard through rumors or stories. There is, most often always, a concern with ownership rights when an easement comes into play. I try to address those concerns in hopes to ease that anxiety or hesitation.

If you have questions about selling your VA Land Preservation Tax Credits or are interested in purchasing tax credits, please reach out to Margaret at or by phone at (540) 464-1899 x2.