How Conservation Partners’ Credit Bid System Works

As a prospective credit buyer, you are asked at the time you make your credit request to specify the price you wish to pay per dollar of credit. Each buyer’s request is then entered in our queue first according to the price offered and second according to the date the request was received.

As credits become available, the requests that offer the highest return to the seller will be matched with the available credit on a first-come, first-served basis. Thus, prospective buyers who offer the highest prices earliest are most likely to be successful in obtaining credits.

A confirmation of your request will be emailed to you.

Once requests are matched with available credits, and you have confirmed that you are ready to proceed, closing documents will be sent to the email address indicated on the purchase request form. We will do our best to provide closing documents by other means when requested.

Please note that Conservation Partners cannot guarantee that credits will be available for all requests that we receive. We encourage you to inquire with us periodically regarding your specific position in the queue. If at any time you wish to improve your position in the queue, you may increase your offered price by email at or phone at 540-464-1899, ext. 2.

Your request will be amended to reflect your new offer and the date on which you requested the change.  Your place in the queue will change accordingly. For example, if you requested credits in April and then increased the price of your offer in July, your request would be added to the queue at the new price based on the date you changed your offer, not the date of your original request. Because higher-priced offers are filled before lower-priced offers, raising the price will increase your chance of securing credits even though the request will be placed in the queue at the new, later date.