Selling Land Preservation Tax Credits through Conservation Partners, LLC

Services and Process

We will market and sell your land preservation tax credit to a significant market of enthusiastic buyers who value the quality of your easement donation and appraisal, meaning a higher return to you. Land preservation tax credits marketed by Conservation Partners, LLC are recognized for their quality and are preferred by risk-conscious purchasers and their advisors, many of whom come to us year after year to supply them with high-quality credits.

When you contract with Conservation Partners, LLC to market your credit, your credit is placed in our queue of credits to be sold and we work to make sure you receive the highest price available in the market.

We have invested in sophisticated technology and processes that make it easier than ever for Virginia taxpayers to purchase credits through Conservation Partners, LLC. Buyers bid on credits through our website or by contacting us directly, with priority given to the highest bids.

When a seller’s credit rises to the top of the queue and is officially for sale, the highest bids are taken first, and no bids that would result in a net return below the pre-set minimum are accepted.

Conservation Partners, LLC works with our wholly-owned subsidiary, Conservation Escrow Services, LLC, to streamline and simplify the settlement process. This new settlement program facilitates quicker payment of net proceeds to sellers, and significantly simplifies sellers’ accounting for tax and other purposes.

We are committed to doing everything we can to make the process of marketing and transferring land preservation tax credits as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Additional Benefits of Selling Your Tax Credit Through Conservation Partners, LLC:

Advance Funding Program to Cover Easement Costs: As a service for credit sellers, Conservation Partners will consider requests for advance funding to help cover costs associated with easement and land donations, subject to certain limitations. Conservation Partners is reimbursed from the net proceeds when the land preservation tax credit is sold.

Advance of Tax Department Transfer Fees: Conservation Partners will automatically advance the mandatory 5% Tax Department fee charged on credit transfers. The transfer fee will then be deducted from the proceeds of the credit sales through the Conservation Escrow Services, LLC settlement process.