Tax Credit Request Form

How Conservation Partners’ credit bid system works:

As a prospective credit buyer, you are asked at the time you make your credit request to specify the price you wish to pay per dollar of credit. Each buyer’s request is then entered in a specific queue according to the price offered, on a first come, first served basis. As credits become available, the request that offers the highest return to the seller will be matched with the available credit.

The date your request is received by Conservation Partners will be used to establish your place in the specific price queue.

Prospective buyers who offer the highest prices earliest are most likely to be successful in obtaining credits.

Please note that CP cannot guarantee that credits will be available for all requests that we receive. We encourage you to contact us throughout the year with inquiries regarding your specific position in the queue. You may be able to improve your position in the queue by increasing your offered price by sending an email to Please note that a change in your offer will also change your place in the queue. For example, if you requested credits in April and chose to increase the price of your offer in July, your request would be added to that specific queue based on the date you changed your offer, not the date of your original request. Despite the later placement in the queue, the increased offer would have a better chance of securing credits than the original offer because higher priced offers will be filled before lower priced offers.

A confirmation of your request will be emailed to you.

Once requests are matched with available credits, and you have confirmed that you are ready to proceed, all closing documents will be emailed to the email address indicated on the purchase request form. We will do our best to provide closings by other means when requested.

Please note: Over the past few years, the Virginia General Assembly has made changes to the Land Conservation Incentives Act reducing the maximum amount of land preservation tax credit each individual taxpayer may claim against their taxes each year. Currently a $20,000 limit is in effect for tax year 2017 (we understand that the Virginia Department of Taxation will allow married couples to claim up to $40,000 annually). For more information please contact us or your qualified tax professional.

For more specific information about your request, please call Taylor Cole at 540-464-1899.



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