It is difficult to believe that we are already in full swing into 2020! We have so much already in the works for what we are expecting to be a great year! As we approach our 20th anniversary of Conservation Partners, we wanted to reflect on the last decade. Conservation Partners has worked tirelessly to continue the founding belief that land conservation benefits all, whether you are a farmer or just someone who enjoys the beautiful scenic vistas Virginia has to offer. A lot has changed over the past ten years. We have added new faces to the team and have expanded our services and met new challenges.

When Conservation Partners was founded in 2001 by Taylor Cole, our mission was to help protect as much land as we could while helping landowners in the process. That still stands true today and every year presents new challenges. It’s the same passion that founded Conservation Partners that continues to see more and more land conserved. When asked what made him want to pursue the field of land conservation 20 years ago, Taylor stated, “Every environmental challenge that humans face derives from losing land. We are losing more and more acres every year. When I believe in something, I don’t give up and I want to make sure we take every opportunity to help make an impact where we can.”

With a staff of nine, dedicated professionals, Conservation Partners has helped save thousands and thousands of acres across 59 counties between 2010 and 2019. Our experience with unique easements has helped expand our services. We can now take a more holistic approach to land conservation so that we can help landowners realize the vision they have for their land. We have taken steps to collaborate with new partners in the environmental field. We are always learning and always adapting.

Conservation Partners could never accomplish our important work without our wonderful partners and colleagues in the field. We are so grateful for the land trusts, state agencies, and all professionals that have partnered with us as we work to save the beautiful open spaces, forests, waters, and view sheds of Virginia! We know our work is not done and as we start this next decade, we look forward to conserving more land!