1. Head for a leisurely drive along Skyline Drive. With 105 miles containing 75 overlooks, you are guaranteed some stunning fall views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park.

2. Visit Richard’s Fruit Market, just outside of Winchester, to pick up some local produce and shop their fall market for all of your fall needs. Their farm, which is conserved under a Conservation Partners-facilitated easement, is located just next to the market. Be sure to stop and say hello to the market’s animal friends, too!

3. Head to one of 41 Virginia State Parks to enjoy unique, protected views like the gorgeous one above!

4. Book a weekend getaway at Fort Lewis Lodge in beautiful Bath County. This partially conserved farm will allow you the fall escape you didn’t know you needed.

5. Consider a trip to an East Coast gem, the Blue Ridge Parkway. Be sure to stop at an overlook at golden hour for pure fall magic!

Happy fall, y’all!