Water Week! (An Earth Month feature)

Land easements. You picture healthier soil, plants, and maybe animals. But what about water?

Easements work wonders for keeping our waters clean! They act as natural filters for the pollutants that are so harmful to the waterways. In the Chesapeake Bay, there is a 1.0 cubic mile Dead Zone, where oxygen is so limited that few species can survive. This environmental detriment is a result of excess nutrients, […]

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Wildlife, an Earth Month Feature

Happy Earth Month!

We are so excited to celebrate!!! I’m sure you could already tell from our recent posts. This week, we’re focusing our celebrations on wildlife– one of our very favorite reasons we work to conserve land. 

As you may have seen it in our last post, Virginia is home to over “10,000 […]

Conserving a Quiet Corner of Highland County

Nestled in the northern end of the Blue Grass Valley of Highland County with the headwaters of the Potomac River running through the middle lies a quiet farm owned by SKE and Debora Ellington. It was purchased by the Ellingtons in 1982, becoming only the second owners of the 268 acres, but it dates back to an original land grant to the Colaw family in the early 1800s. When visiting Ginseng Mountain Farm, […]

Annual Report Released for 2019

We are so excited to share our 2019 Annual Report where you can find what your Conservation Partners have been up to!

2019 Annual Report

Earth Day Turns 50!

On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans across the country protested against the deterioration of the environment. What started as a movement across universities spread like wildfire throughout communities and ended in involvement of school children and adults, joining the students of higher education across college campuses. Known as Earth Day, this movement brought together people from all walks of life with the shared concerns of pollution, loss of wildlife, and the rapid […]

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Recap of the First 2020 Meeting of the Upper and Middle James Riparian Consortium

Monday, April 9th marked the first Upper and Middle James Riparian Consortium meeting of 2020. Professionals from land, water, plant, and wildlife communities joined together in Scottsville, VA to discuss current Consortium projects, highlights, and goals.

The morning started with Action Team highlights, where our Director of Conservation Programs, Kelli Iddings, shared her progress on the work […]

Land and Water Professionals Come Together to Meet Virginia Conservation Goals

Upper and Middle James Riparian Consortium

Kelli Iddings, Conservation Partners’ Director of Conservation Programs, has partnered with the Upper and Middle James Riparian Consortium to meet the goals of Virginia’s Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP), which aims to reduce pollution and restore clean water to the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries. Among the many strategies of the WIP, the plan calls for […]

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Protecting a Family Farm for Generations to Come

The Perrow Homestead in Bedford County

When asked about the age of the old farmhouse, Bunk Perrow laughed and said, “This house is one of the only things on the farm that’s been here longer than I have.”

The main house that is estimated to be built […]
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