Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

While the holidays can be extravagant, it doesn’t mean they have to be wasteful!

When it comes to trees…

It tends to be more sustainable to buy a real Christmas tree. Artificial trees are made from un-recycleable artificial materials, some of which can be harmful to people as well as the environment. Often artificial trees are […]

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Freshwater Mussels in Virginia

Look at these freshwater mussels we found in the Maury River during the Great Valley Cleanup!

Freshwater mussels are critical species in rivers’ and streams’ ecosystems. Why? They actually improve the quality of the water by acting as a natural filter for bacteria, algae and sediments. AND they are a source of food for other species!

There are […]

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Your Virginia Fall Bucket List for Conserved Lands

1. Head for a leisurely drive along Skyline Drive. With 105 miles containing 75 overlooks, you are guaranteed some stunning fall views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park.

2. Visit Richard’s Fruit Market, just outside of Winchester, […]

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You’re Invited- Great Valley Cleanup

Come one come all! Help us make an impact by joining Conservation Partners and Valley Conservation Council in picking up litter to help keep our Valley pristine! You can team up with our groups in Lexington or Staunton. If you can’t make it, clean up some trash wherever you are and post on social media with #GreatValleyCleanup and tag us to participate […]

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Global Impacts: 30 by 30 Conservation Goals

Have you heard of 30 by 30?

The United Nations working group has called for the conservation of 30 % of lands and waters by 2030. More specifically,

Coastal Impacts

Our very own Tori Kennedy is exploring some of the impacts that humankind has on coastal areas, focusing on the Eastern Shore of Virginia…

“Many environmental groups are working hard to counter climate change risks and help restore the water quality of the Bay. My time on the Eastern Shore of Virginia was spent working with the local land trust in Onancock interviewing a landowner whose family had donated a […]

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National & State Park Impacts

We absolutely love the preservation of amazing natural resources through National and State Parks; however, putting land into a park doesn’t fully protect it from human impact on the environment. Shutdowns caused by politics and pandemics can play a huge role in how the wildlife in these parks is protected… or not. Don’t worry– we’re not speaking in a partisan sense!

As explored in an […]

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Agricultural Impacts: Stream Exclusion Fencing

What Can It Do For Your Herd?

Stream exclusion fencing can create significant returns for your farm. While stream exclusion fencing does require an upfront investment, 80% of fencing costs can be reimbursed through cost share programs. However, the other 20% of the fencing cost plus even more can be put back into your pocket through the returns that the benefits of stream exclusion fencing provide to your herd. Here’s […]

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