Howdy! I’m excited to introduce myself as E.C. Myers, Conservation Partner’s new Public Relations Coordinator! I’ll quickly go over some resume highlights, but then I promise we’ll get more interesting with it. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I graduated from Washington & Lee University in May 2020 having majored in Business Administration and Environmental Studies and loving every minute of it. Let’s go beyond the LinkedIn Profile and get to know me.

I’m a wannabe cowgirl. I am the 5th generation to live in our family home, nestled in an old Charlotte neighborhood notorious for its winding roads shaded by arches oak trees. It is far from a farm, but lovely nonetheless. The only thing country about it that I can say is that my roots run deep! 

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I started really wanting to become a FarmHer. I began restoring my “new” 1970 International Harvester Scout. My cousins, aunts, uncles, dad and I piled into a 36-foot RV to travel the country for what has become an annual excursion. For our senior “shadow,” I chose to follow a rancher named Farrah on her NC farm.

At the start of my first semester at  Washington & Lee, I finagled my way into the Environmental Service Learning Course where I was placed on Somerset Farms in Fairfield, VA. What was scheduled to be 2 weekly hours of farm work for one 12-week semester, turned into 4 years of spending as many evenings and weekends at the farm as I could with my supervisor-turned-lifelong-friend, Jessica Wager. The farm made Lexington home.

Fast forward to the end of 2020 to when Taylor and I first spoke… I took Covid’s halting of my career plans in the real estate industry as a sign to reorient myself towards a career that will make a positive impact on the environment. So of course I wanted to learn more about Conservation Partners! Taylor and I eagerly swapped stories about regenerative agriculture and working with cattle.

When Taylor called me to ask me if I wanted to join the team, my YES was even more certain than when asked by my grandmother if I’d like some of her peach cobbler after dinner– and that’s saying something! I don’t have the words to tell you how happy I am to be a member of Conservation Partners. The warm welcome I received made it obvious why Tori refers to her coworkers as her “work family.” 

How lucky am I that my role is to tell you about the wonderful work Conservation Partners is doing, through social media, newsletters, our website, and more?!  It certainly doesn’t feel like “work” when I photograph a scenic Virginia farmscape easement, knowing that not only will I get to share it with our followers, but that future generations will get to enjoy its beauty, too. Thank you to Conservation Partners for allowing me the opportunity to begin my career in protecting the world around us, join the best “work family,” return home to sweet Lexington, and be one step closer to being a cowgirl.