📸: Lois and Taylor Cole sharing laughter on Scott Hollow Farm, captured by Kate Simon.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Blue Ridge Life Magazine shares the sweet love story of our very own Taylor Cole, his wife Lois, and the beautiful Scott Hollow Farm nestled in the Shenandoah Valley. 

“A Valentine to Love and Land” covers Taylor’s “quixotic journey” of founding Conservation Partners, the couple’s first encounter when “the glitter started flying,” and the “carefully choreographed arrangement” of restoring their farm to its former beauty. Oh, and it so charmingly describes an evening at the Cole’s 512 acre farm:

“Bidding goodbye on the porch we pass by the well-worn, muddy boots every working farmhouse displays. The light is fading on the mountains and it’s time to turn the stew way down, pull the boots on, load Effie* up, and take the evening’s drive to rest assured the cattle are secure for the night, and perhaps catch a glance of a wild creature tucking in for the evening as well. And because Lois and Taylor Cole have dedicated themselves to their vision, it will be that way for lifetimes to come.”

-Godfrey, Blue Ridge Life

*Effie is rightfully referred to as the Wonder Dog in Blue Ridge Life.

Click the image to open Blue Ridge Life Magazine to read “A Valentine to Love and Land.”

In the article, we also learn that Taylor’s wedding gift to Lois was a Canon camera. The camera really became a gift to us all. You’ll see why when you view her photographic masterpieces here

A big thank you to Victoria Beecher Godfrey, Kate Simon, and Blue Ridge Life Magazine for allowing us to share your dazzling content!